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Brantôme is one of the prettiest and most visited towns in the Dordogne. Located in the Northwest part of the Périgord Vert, about an hour and a half from Bordeaux and Cognac country near Angoulôme, the town is easily serviced by three airports in Bergerac, Angoulôme and Limoges, each about one hour away by car. The TGV takes 3.5 hours from Paris to Angoulôme and can be boarded from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

There's plenty to see and do in & around Brantôme, Below is only a brief summary, we will add more over time - Or perhaps you could let us know if you find a 'special place' so we may add it to our list.    


Bicycle Tours

Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Brantome
Medici Fountain
Renaissance Pavilion
Tower of St. Roch
Church of St.-Pierre
The list is endless so we suggest that you discover for yourself by following the links below...

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